Stay Safe Online – Volunteers’ Thoughts

Stay Safe Online – a few thoughts from some of our Stay Safe Online Volunteers.

Tamas Kiss:

“I’m very excited to be part of this new initiative, Cyber Crime is unfortunately on the rise and this new team of volunteers are here to help reduce the risk and raise awareness, and help those who may not know enough about the dangers online.

I hope that we will be able to help people to become more comfortable and feel safer about being online and using the internet, and to show them how to do so safely so it will reduce and prevent cyber crimes.

Due to my line of work Cyber Security is a daily topic for me, and I know how much benefit there is in using the internet and online services but I am also very much aware of the dangers. I wanted to help others to also know how to stay safe online, outside of a professional environment and that’s when I found the Bobby Van Trust and this new initiative which is backed by Wiltshire Police.”

Alan Pollard:

“I am extremely pleased to be associated with the new Online Safety Initiative. As an experienced IT professional I take a special interest in the use of IT in the community and am concerned about the vulnerability of people online. Older folk (and some younger ones) are often very naïve and trusting. Coupled with bewilderment about technology they are easy prey for fraudsters and conmen.

Following my retirement I have spent the past 8 years helping elderly people with their computers and am only too aware of the risks they face online.

The Bobby Van Stay Safe Online scheme promises to fill a big gap in how we can play our part in helping the elderly and disadvantaged in the Wiltshire community to be aware of and protect themselves from these risks. I really hope that the scheme enjoys great success and sets a standard for others to follow.”

A note from one of our kind volunteer training test subjects:

“Thank you for inviting me along to the Volunteers’ Training Day. I found it very thought provoking, and realised that there is indeed a genuine need for this service in the community. This applies particularly to the elderly, who, like me, are not conversant with computers, and could easily be hoodwinked by some of these clever scams.”

Jill Harvey

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