Morrisons help spread some joy

Many thanks to Morrisons Devizes for providing 6 hampers for our Bobby Operators to hand out to our clients.

The first hamper went to a 35 year old paraplegic who was returning to his home after a 4 week stay in hospital. Doug was there to change a front door lock, as his house had been left insecure during his hospital stay. He was “over the moon” with his gift.

The next went to an elderly, disabled gentleman who was walking with a stick and a walker when he was robbed in the street. A despicable person ran up from behind and snatched a bag he was carrying containing shopping causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head. He was naturally very shaken but had his faith in humanity restored by how many people came to help him. He was delighted with the hamper and the Doug changing his door locks.

Next Mick went to see a lovely couple. She was 86 and a carer for her husband of 81 who sadly has dementia. They came to the notice of the Police recently as he went missing. They clearly haven’t a lot and no family living locally.  The lady thought that we were just going to give advice and was clearly worried about the advice that I was giving, thinking that she was going to have to pay to have the work done.  She was absolutely delighted when I said that I would do it free of charge and then to receive a hamper topped it off. Tears followed!

The others have gone to equally deserving clients. Many thanks to Geraldene, Morrisons’s Community Champion in Devizes for helping us spread some joy.

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