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Stay Safe Online

The Service:

For those aged over 60, or 18+ with a registered disability, one of our trained Stay Safe Online Volunteers can visit you in the comfort of your home and provide the following:

People can refer themselves for a visit, but the team will also be taking referrals from the police for those who have already encountered problems with online crime.

Feedback on the service from one of our kind volunteer training test subjects:

“Thank you for inviting me along to the Volunteers’ Training Day.
I found it very thought provoking, and realised that there is
a genuine need for this service in the community. This applies particularly
to the elderly, who, like me, are not conversant with computers,
and could easily be hoodwinked by some of these clever scams.”
Jill Harvey

Advisors are also available to give talks at community events.


If you would like to arrange an appointment with, or talk from, an Stay Safe Online Volunteers please email our Online Safety Team direct at: or call them on: 01225 256867.

For some quick tips, see also our Security Tips page.

Other Resources:

The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust – Stay Safe Online Leaflet

Government Stop Fraud website

Get Safe Online website

Get Safe Online in Wiltshire leaflet

Stay Safe Online Poster October 2017 Final Version

Community Messaging Service

See below for information about keeping up-to-date with the Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging service, and also the latest feed from the WBVT Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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