Security tips

  • Lock your doors and windows every time you leave the house, even when just in the garden. Make sure you have approved locks or bolts to all doors and windows.
  • Consider leaving a light on to make your property look occupied.
  • Never leave a spare key in a hiding place like in a plant pot or letter box – a thief knows all those great hiding places!
  • Keep all keys, purses and wallets out of sight and away from the letterbox.
  • Criminals often pretend to be friendly and helpful, so that you will invite them in. NEVER let anyone into your home that you are not expecting, without first checking that they are genuine – keep your door chain on and ask for identification. That ‘nice young man’ might be an opportunist thief!
  • Sometimes thieves work in pairs – one coming through the back door, whilst the
    other keeps you talking at the front. Keep your back door locked, even when you are in the house.
  • Try to avoid keeping valuables at home – do not keep large amounts of cash at home – it is much safer in a bank or building society.
  • Consider installing a burglar alarm, and only use a company that is registered, or certified, with the NSI or the SSIAB.
  • If you are vulnerable to burglary, a Bobby Van operator can fit a door viewer or door chain to most types of door (sometimes not possible on PVC types). If you don’t know your caller, using a chain means you don’t have to open it fully to speak to them. You can simply say “No, thank you”.
  • Make sure that you have up-to-date contents insurance.
  • Register all serial numbers from electrical items, tools and garden equipment with the free national property register. Mark items without serial numbers with an artificial DNA property marker such as Smartwater or SelectaDNA.
  • Trim back any plants and hedges at the front of your property to no higher than one metre to remove hiding places.
  • Always report any suspicious activity, note any vehicle registrations, descriptions of persons involved and direction of travel.
  • Use a timer to set lights to mimic your usual activity when you are not at home.
  • Take photographs of all jewellery, including hallmarks, and keep them safe. Also consider using an artificial DNA property marker on jewellery and other valuable items.
  • Make sure any bolts are low enough so they cannot be opened by reaching over the top of the gate, and consider using a padlock.

Financial Fraud – Take Five Tips

  • Never disclose security details, such as your PIN or full password – it’s never okay to reveal these details.
  • Don’t assume an email request or caller is genuine – people aren’t always who they say they are.
  • Don’t be rushed – a genuine bank or organisation won’t mind waiting to give you time to stop and think.
  • Listen to your instincts – if something feels wrong then it is usually right to pause and question it.
  • Stay in control – have the confidence to refuse unusual requests for information.

Click here to see the Government’s Take Five – To Stop Fraud website for more information and advice.

Cyber Crime

Please see the Cyber Crime website from Wiltshire Police about the latest scams.

Also, why not use the Social Media checklists available via the UK Safer Internet Centre to ensure that your online use is as safe and secure as it can be.