We regularly receive feedback from people about the visits they have had from us; please find our latest comments below.

October 2020

Home Security

“I much appreciated the service given to me by the Bobby Van Trust. I felt that the advice given was unbiased, not profit motivated and i felt more secure that the representative had been police vetted.”

Mrs M, Chippenham

Home Security

“We were blown away by the level of service. Mick was fantastic, thank you so much.”

Mrs G, Melksham

Home Security

“I think this an incredible service and it is FREE!”

Ms H, Malmesbury

Stay Safe Online

“The Advisor quickly understood my level of understanding (& not understanding!).

Mr H, Limpley Stoke

June 2020

Home Security Service

“Will the operator was so helpful & explained everthing so well.  he always called before he arrived with an estimated time of arrival.  Excellent at working out how to get around diffcult problems eg fitting a secure lock to our front door. A wonderful service.”

Mrs R, Marlborough

May 2020

Home Security Service:

“Service & staff great. Our thanks to both Sally & Will for fast & efficient help.”

Mr D, Corsham

March 2020

Home Security Service:

“The service was excellent & Mick Leighfield took me through the work to be performed in clear manner and at a sensible pace.  His advice & guidance was very much appreciated.”

Mr R, Salisbury

January 2020

Home Security Service:

Doug was excellent, very knowledgeable, personable and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand.

Mrs S, Swindon

December 2019

Home Security Service:

It was far and above my expectations – so helpful and kind, Will Todd is an excellent ambassador for the Bobby Van.”

Ms C, Devizes

I feel very much safer in my own home.  Your operator was so helpful, he taught me a lot as well as installing locks etc. I can’t thank you enough.”

Mrs A, Salisbury

“I could not be more grateful – this is the first service i have had contact with who truly delivers and with compassion and professionalism. Amazing.”

Ms W, Salisbury

Stay Safe Online Service:

“Alan showed me the topics he would cover which was very helpful and were the topics i needed help with.  His session was structured, practical and explained in a very clear way to understand.”

Ms R, Marlborugh

November 2019

Home Security Service:

I think it is wonderful that you provide this service for vulnerable people like myself. I feel a great deal safer since Will’s visit. Many, many thanks. Please keep up the good work.”

Ms A, Malmesbury

This service was recommended to me by a user. For this recommendation i am very pleased and think your service is amazing for such people as myself, especially as there is no charge. Your operators make one feel safe and less vulnerable on their own.”

Mrs M, Zeals

The attitude and approach of the ‘Bobby’ was excellent. His work was of the highest standard. The whole visit was a super event in every way.”

Mr S, Devizes

September 2019

Home Security Service:

“Very reassuring and helpful visit for myself and elderly mother. Mick was wonderful, so polite and tidy with the work he did.”

Miss C, Salisbury

“No further comments or suggestions in my experience are necessary as the service was above and beyond what i was expecting. Thank you.”

Mrs G, Salisbury

“This is an excellent service. Original talk at a Carer’s meeting was extremely helpful and we were pleased to see the same officer come to our house – i can’t praise him enough.”

Mr & Mrs T, Salisbury

August 2019

Home Security Service:

“I was very much impressed by the level of professionalism and the sympathic manner in which the service was provided.”
Mr J, Salisbury

 July 2019

Home Security Service:

“The operator was incredibly helpful and provided me with lots of advice and, also most importantly, reassurance. I am so grateful for this service as it has made a significant difference to my security in my home, thank you.”
Mrs V, Durrington

June 2019

Home Security Service:

“More than satisfied with an excellent service at every stage. The care and explanation was outstanding.”
Mr W, Salisbury

 April 2019

Home Security Service:

“We cannot thank the Bobby Van team enough for all the support and kindness when we had an unwelcome visitor to our house.  The help and advice we received was more than we ever expected, it gave us confidence to know we’re not on our own.
The Bobby team is invaluable, please accept our ongoing ‘Thanks’.
Mr & Mrs B, Salisbury

March 2019

Home Security Service:

“Really helped me to feel more secure after a friend’s house was recently broken in to.  Some small changes and ideas have really helped me to feel safer.
Ms W, Trowbridge

Home Security Service:

“The service could not have been better.  He was kind and helpful, i would recommend this service to friends.
Ms R, Pewsey

February 2019

Home Security Service:

“He was very polite, helpful and mademe know that there is always someone pleasant to help under most circumstances.
Mrs B, Swindon

Home Security Service:

“Absolutely fabulous. I can’t thank you enough. Tonight, my daughter and I will go to bed, safe in the knowledge that my house is secure again. I honestly cannot thank you enough.
Miss B

January 2019

Home Security Service:

“Will was excellent.  He pointed out some quite important things to secure our house more effectively.”
Mrs W, Calne

Stay Safe Online Service:

“Although i have a good knowledge of online safety, i found lots that i did not know and the meeting was very useful.”
Mr W, Wroughton

December 2018

Home Security Service:

“Thank you so much for your prompt and very efficient response to my request for a visit from the Bobby Van. It really is an excellent service.”
Mrs S, Swindon

November 2018

Home Security Service:

“Efficiency second to none (Brilliant).”
Mrs. N., Salisbury

Home Security Service:

“I was kept well informed of what was happening throughout. Mick was friendly, efficient and thorough.  He was also sensitive towards my feelings of vulnerability.”
Ms. P., Salisbury

October 2018

Stay Safe Online Service:

“I found the Stay Safe Online volunteer to be extremely helpful. Excellent service all round.”
Ms. D., Freshbrook, Swindon

Home Security Service:

“Very pleased with the help and advice that was given. Thank you.”

Mr. J., Marlborough

Home Security Service:

“Perfect service.”

Ms. C., Melksham

Stay Safe Online Service:

“This is a brilliant service, I’d never heard of it – this must become more widely known.”
Mrs. H., Kington Langley

Stay Safe Online Group Talk:

“A very interesting and informative talk – thank you.”

Winterslow Village

Home Security Service:

“A fantastic service. I received all the information I needed”

Ms. E., Shaftesbury

Home Security Service:

“Bobby Doug Batchelor was very thorough, reassuring, and and had a quiet friendly manner – thank you very much”

Mrs. M., Chippenham

Home Security Service:

“I was very impressed with Mick’s information – very helpful.”

Mr. R., Pewsey

Home Security Service:

“All very good – helpful and reassuring.”

Ms. B., Salisbury

September 2018

Stay Safe Online Service:

“Felt reassured from 1st phone contact to the volunteer leaving me after visit. As a CSPO once said – you think you are a good driver until you are involved in an accident! Well, that was me until I opened a bank scam email!!”
Miss. T., Salisbury

Home Security Service:

“I found the level of service excellent in every way. The Operator was courteous and full of suggestions which I found most helpful.”

Mrs. R., Marlborough

Stay Safe Online Group Talk:

“The group talk was very helpful and interesting, myself and the residents were grateful to have this talk. We will now be looking into our security.”

Avonpark Village

Home Security Service:

“I think this is a wonderful service; after the visit from your Bobby Operator I’m much happier with the security of my home and have peace of mind. I wish more people get to know about the Bobby Van Service. We greatly appreciate your service. Thank you. “

Mr & Mrs. W., Marlborough

Home Security Service:

“I felt very reassured during the visit and after he left.”

Mr. O., Andover

Home Security Service:

“Very helpful, very polite. Excellent.”

Mrs. W., Salisbury

Home Security Service:

“We could not ask for more from the Bobby Van, either at our club talk or the visit to our home.”

Mr & Mrs. H., Warminster

Stay Safe Online Group Talk:

“We all agree the service is outstanding and very helpful.”

Lea WI

August 2018

Home Security Service:

“Very impressed with the service provided and have taken on board the suggestions given.”

Ms. T., Laverstock

Home Security Service:

“Thank you very much for the visit and help I have received.”

Mrs. T., Wroughton

Home Security Service:

“Very polite, cheerful , helpful and neat workmanship and a tidy one. Thank you.”

Ms. B., Park North, Swindon

Home Security Service:

“This was my first encounter with the service, I thought it was so informative and helpful.”

Miss. J., Salisbury

Home Security Service:

“Excellent is the word that springs to mind concerning the service provided by ‘Bobby Van Trust’. Friendly, informative and helpful in every respect. Leaving me with a working front door lock was an added bonus. A huge thankyou to Mick.”

Mrs. A., Salisbury

Stay Safe Online Service:

“Alan Brown was really excellent.  The easiest IT person we’ve ever spoken to.”
Mr. N., Marlborough

July 2018

Home Security Service:

“It’s very good, opened my eyes on how we were doing things wrong, so now I know that we have the right security for my home and for me and my husband. Thank you.”

Mr & Mrs P., Swindon

Home Security Service:

“You are providing an excellent service and I feel fortunate to have benefitted from it.”

Mrs. R., Salisbury

Home Security Service:

“Very professional and useful advice.”

Mr. M., Marlborough

Home Security Service:

“I was given a leaflet by a neighbour. I can only say what a fantastic project. The man who came to me was not only professional but made me feel safe. Thanks you for making me feel safe in my home again.”

Mrs. L., Swindon

Home Security Service:

“We wish to extend our grateful thanks to Doug Batchelor, who gave us much reassurance in our home security, not only replacing our fire alarm with up-to-date appliances and replacing a double glazed window lock.

Doug also explained all the safety aspects which gave us peace of mind.”

Mr & Mrs. C., Wanborough

Home Security Service:

“This service is invaluable, at my lowest point of being burgled and extremely frightened of being intruded on again, Bobby Van gave me a great deal of confidence back, thank you, keep up the good work.”

Ms. L., Marlborough

Stay Safe Online Service:

“Couldn’t be better. Sarah was so lovely, very knowledgable, friendly and good to meet her.”

Ms. N., Marlborough

Home Security Service:

“I was more than satisfied with the level of service – it was quite excellent.”

Ms. L., Ramsbury

Home Security Service:

“Reassuring and helpful in every way. Thank you.”

Mr. R., Amesbury

Home Security Group Talk:

“It was very much enjoyed by all that attended, they found it informative and helpful. Mick was easy going and they found he answered questions so they understood. A very sucessful visit.”

My Generation Group, Salisbury

Stay Safe Online Service:

“This has been a most informative and helpful service. Thank you very much. Sarah is brilliant.”

Miss. C., Chippenham

Home Security Service:

“Congratulations on providing an amazing service with an amazing man, Mick Leighfield! Delighted with the spyhole he fitted for me!”

Ms. M., Salisbury

Home Security Service:

“The service you provide is fabulous. I was very impressed. Thank you.”

Mrs. C., Warminster

Home Security Service:

“Praise for Doug – professional, efficient, friendly.”

Mr. W., Royal Wootton Bassett

Home Security Service:

“The gentleman who came out to see me was very informative and jolly.”

Mrs. N., Durrington

Home Security Service:

“The visit was extremely helpful and reassuring, and we have been following up on all the extra advice we were given. Thank you.”

Mr T., Salisbury

Home Security Service:

“I found the visit that Will Todd made to the house extremely helpful and informative.”

Ms L., Chippenham

June 2018

Home Security Service:

“Advice given was measured and designed not to create alarm. A very useful visit.”

Mr & Mrs J., Melksham

Home Security Service:

“I was happy he came, I feel more secure now, even with the tips he gave me.”

Mrs. R., Melksham

Home Security Service:

“Super service, thank you.”

Mrs. M., Berwick St James

Home Security Service:

“Bobby Van Operator Doug was excellent, efficient, and friendly. Thank you for your help.”

Mrs. P., Chippenham

Home Security Service:

“Service/advice was second to none.”

Mrs. R., Swindon